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Trip to Armenia

A trip to Armenia for you! Meet the undiscovered pearl of the Caucasus, experience an unforgettable adventure and make your contribution to helping those in need!

Departure for 10 days

An unforgettable trip - a trip to Armenia combined with volunteering

A trip to Armenia can be a lifetime experience for you. Thanks to the ADRA Foundation, you have the opportunity to combine visiting the most interesting corners of Armenia with helping children by conducting a summer English language course for them. If you don’t know him, you can do other activities for kids. The language of communication on site is Russian or English, but we do not require knowledge of them – the organizer will make sure that at least one volunteer in the group communicates at an appropriate level. A trip to Armenia combined with volunteering is a proposal for anyone who wants to add a new dimension to their trips.

Why Armenia?

Armenia is an ancient country worth visiting to see the amazing view of Ararat (the famous mountain from the Bible with Noah’s Ark resting on it after the flood), taste the sweet fruits of its land, feel the hospitality of its inhabitants and create unforgettable memories. Armenia is intriguing with its history, world-class monuments, richness of traditions and rituals. Margahovit, a village where volunteering takes place, is a place with an unspoiled natural environment, surrounded by mountains, where you can enjoy nature and peace, as well as derive joy and satisfaction from activities for the local community.

Wycieczka do Armenii wycieczka armenia
Margahovit Armenia

A place of volunteering

A few words about the local community: volunteering is to take place in Margahovit, a picturesque village in the Lori region (117 km from Yerevan), located 1,833 m above sea level. The main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture. The population of the village is approximately 3,466. The local community wants to promote the development of the village inhabitants and wants to provide high-quality education for schoolchildren. Every year, the village sends at least 20 students to universities (including international institutions). In the village there are, among others Art center, library and small museum.

Experience an unforgettable 10 days and do not worry about the organization of the trip.

The trip lasts 10 days.
In addition to pleasant moments in Margahovit, where you will spend time among the local people and in activities with children,
we have prepared several optional trips for you.






Meals (3 meals)



What are the costs of a trip to Armenia

Base cost:

– PLN 1000 (the price includes the costs of accommodation, meals and transfer from the airport to the destination).

It is possible to take advantage of additionally paid optional trips. Their prices vary depending on the destination, admission tickets, travel costs or a guide. People who want to take part in selected optional trips should bring additional funds for this purpose.

Additionally, it should be added:

– flight cost – Warsaw – Yerevan – approx. PLN 950 / person.
– donation to ADRA Armenia as the host organization – PLN 200 or more.
– administrative fee in the amount of PLN 100 + VAT

The nearest date is 13.09. – 09/24/2020

Whole families can use the offer. Before departure, each of the volunteers will agree with our project coordinator on the program of activities with the children. Do not be afraid! We will adjust your skills in the best way so that you can help in the way you feel best.

Do you have any questions? contact us

Offer of optional excursions during the trip to Armenia


Garni is a small village in the Kotajk province that houses the Temple of the Sun from the 3rd century BC, the only pagan temple in modern Armenia. There are remains of the old fortress and the royal palace, as well as baths built in the 3rd century. Below, there is a great view of the Azat River, Garni Gorge.

The next step is visiting the Geghard Monastery, which was named after the holy spear that was stabbed by Christ on the cross. The spectacular monastery, listed by UNESCO, is beautifully situated in a great valley and partly carved into the rock.

Garni and the Gehard Monastery are located 28 and 35 km from Yerevan. You can visit these places on arrival.


Visiting the Noravank complex, which looks very impressive thanks to its magnificent medieval architecture and beautiful landscape. The facility is over 7 centuries old. The gorge is famous for its steep red rocks towering behind the monastery.

Then we suggest visiting Jermuk – an alpine, year-round health resort. Its name comes from the Armenian word Jerm (Jerm) meaning “hot”. The spa is crossed by the Arpa River, surrounded by mountains, old forests and alpine meadows. It is small, intimate, has a little over 6,000. permanent residents and a clear division into residential and sanatorium-hotel parts. In Jermuk there is also a unique waterfall called “Mermaid’s hair”.


Visiting the Tatev Monastery built in the 9th century, which is a unique masterpiece of Armenian architecture. It is located in the Sjunik marzie. This monastery was one of the oldest spiritual centers of medieval Armenia, as well as the largest university of the time. The next stage of the trip is a walk along a 160-meter-long bridge, weighing 14 tons, that connects the two sides of the village, the so-called old and new Khndzoresk. An amazing feature of the bridge is that it was built by the villagers with their own hands and no machine was used for construction or even for transporting materials (horses were used). The bridge runs across a deep canyon. Until the 1950s, this area was inhabited by people.


Margahovit is a village in Armenia where all guests fall in love, planning to spend their “autumn of life” there!

A visit to Lake Sevan, known as the “blue jewel” of Armenia. It is the largest freshwater pool in the South Caucasus. The lake is surrounded by numerous churches of great historical value, the most famous of which are the Hayravank Church, the Makenis Monastery, and the Vanevan Monastery Complexes.

A visit to Dilijan, famous for its amazing nature of mountains and forests. It is a city in the Tavush province, on the Akhstev River. We can find a health resort, mineral water bottling plant, and a furniture factory.


Gumri is the second largest city in Armenia and the capital of the Shirak Province in the northwest of the country. The first settlement in this place was established by Greek colonists around 401 BC, but it was later destroyed.

In 1837, the Russians built the Alexandropol fortress here.


Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia, a special province, one of the main industrial, scientific and cultural centers of the Transcaucasus. The capital of Armenia probably took its name from the ancient settlement of Erebunii. It was founded in 782 BC (so it is 29 years older than Rome!) Currently, we can find there countless tourist attractions, such as the Republic Square – the central city square, a place for meetings and ceremonies. It houses the Museum of History of Armenia and the National Gallery of Armenia, the government building, the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the building of the main post office. It is possible to visit Matenadaran, which is a museum of ancient manuscripts.

Take advantage of our offer and go on a trip to Armenia combined with Volunteering

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