Nr konta: 49 1240 1994 1111 0010 3092 3882. Przekaż nam 1,5% podatku. Wpisz nasz KRS 0000 342 704 w swoim zeznaniu podatkowym lub skorzystaj z darmowego programu do rozliczenia PIT

Become a volunteer

Feel the joy of helping

Helping is a value in itself! If you have time, you feel a great desire to help others and would like to use these layers of positive energy – contact us! Unfortunately, we will not offer you a remuneration, because it is a pro bono activity, however, we will certainly accept you warmly with open arms. There is a lot of space in our foundation for people who want to help. Together, we will determine the scope of cooperation in order to best develop your abilities for the benefit of people in need and entire societies. By participating in our volunteer program, you will also gain experience and new skills, and you will have the opportunity to participate in interesting projects to help those in need!

Change the world!

As our motto says: BY CHANGING ONE HUMAN LIFE, YOU CHANGE THE WORLD. With your activity and actions, you can change the fate of many people who fight for a decent and safe life. Your commitment is an opportunity for many people for a better tomorrow. Help gives you wings!

To be a volunteer. Is it worth it?

It’s worth it! Helping those in need is just one of the perks of being a volunteer. By joining our group of committed non-profit activists, you will meet many interesting people. Perhaps you will meet friends for years, because there is nothing in common than help you bring together. In addition to making new acquaintances, first of all you will discover yourself anew.

If you would like to join us, or have any questions – write to We will contact you!

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