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Meet our foundation

The goal of our Foundation is to conduct wide-ranging charity activities, in particular aimed at helping individuals and entire communities in Poland and abroad to develop. We are committed to counteracting all social pathologies, bearing in mind the dignity of every human person, regardless of religion, belief, nationality, race and beliefs.

Our actions

Humanitarian relief

We help people who are in a difficult situation, especially because of natural disasters or wars.

Development aid

Our projects aim to provide the proverbial "fishing rod" to entire communities in countries much poorer than ours.

Intercultural education of young people

We organize international youth exchanges, trainings and volunteering abroad, through which we activate appropriate behaviors for the good of society.

Supporting non-governmental organizations

We help other non-governmental organizations in their daily activities through, for example, training, various types of advice and bookkeeping.

Our mission is to make a positive change in the life of societies through cooperation and shaping responsible actions.

Our vision is the desire to live in a world of independent people and open to others.

Our goal is to serve humanity.

Our motto: Justice. Compassion. Love.

Principles by which we follow:

  • ADRA’s decisions and strategies align with its beliefs, purpose and values.
  • ADRA respects diversity and demonstrates this by treating people equally, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, economic, political or religious differences.
  • ADRA works in civil society, engaging in relevant and supportive partnerships to identify, facilitate and implement durable solutions to meet human needs.
  • ADRA runs its activities and delivers its programs taking into account environmental sensitivity.
  • ADRA documents and applies operational learning to increase individual and organizational effectiveness and innovation.
  • ADRA maintains the work environment and systems that enable employees to achieve professional, personal and spiritual growth.
  • ADRA adheres to the strictest principles of transparency and fairness, complies with professional standards and requirements, and demonstrates tax and legal responsibility by implementing rigorous audit and compliance systems.
  • ADRA is expanding its resource base to meet humanitarian needs in line with management, technical and organizational capabilities.
  • ADRA shares learning plans, information, resources and knowledge within its network, increasing efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.
  • ADRA stands for the fundamental rights of the people it works with, enabling them to speak for themselves.


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