Save the war victims from starvation! Support our humanitarian transports to Ukraine
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What is the situation in Ukraine?

There is already famine in the war zones of Ukraine. The victims of the war who have remained in Ukraine are in urgent need of food. In the central part of the country, food is also beginning to run out, and in western Ukraine, the number of refugees is so huge that food needs are increasing every day. There is no time to wait - we urgently need to get food to the people of Ukraine and transport it regularly. We cannot allow our friends in Ukraine to suffer from starvation!

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How do we help the people in Ukraine?

ADRA Poland organises humanitarian aid transports, which go directly to the victims of war in Ukraine. We send trucks and buses filled with gifts that are necessary for the inhabitants to survive in their war-torn country.

What exactly do we deliver? First and foremost, food – this is our priority. Dry food and food with a long shelf life, such as pasta, rice, porridge, powdered milk and tinned food. In addition to food, we also send bandages, first aid kits, medicines, hygiene products, as well as nappies and baby care products. We also provide Ukraine with blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses, sleeping pads, underwear and warm clothing, batteries, torches and heaters. These products help people in war-affected areas survive the war.

We are in constant contact with our ADRA branch in Ukraine, which has offices in Kiev, Kramatorsk as well as Mariupol and Mukachevo, cities that are very close to the front line. There are also local coordinators and hundreds of volunteers throughout the country who respond on a daily basis, bringing aid wherever it is needed.

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How can you help?

Millions of Ukrainians are in need of immediate and ongoing help, which is why we act on an ongoing basis and regularly send humanitarian transports to the war-torn country. You can help too! Just join the fundraising organised by the ADRA Polska Foundation. With the money we collect we mainly buy food, as well as fuel for cars, which we use to transport the collected and purchased gifts.

Support our actions today - there is no time to lose. Together we can save the victims of war in Ukraine from starvation!
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