Nr konta: 49 1240 1994 1111 0010 3092 3882. Przekaż nam 1,5% podatku. Wpisz nasz KRS 0000 342 704 w swoim zeznaniu podatkowym lub skorzystaj z darmowego programu do rozliczenia PIT

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Decide for yourself how much you are able to support our Foundation. We provide you with a convenient and quick form of transfer via PayU. You can also use the traditional form of transfer. We work very hard to make sure every amount you donate matters.

Using this form you can help in the activities of ADRA Polska
Make a donation via:
Information on data security. Your data is completely safe. Payment card details are not sent to us and are not saved on our website. The form below is handled directly by the PayU system.

Remember, in accordance with applicable law, the donation can be tax-deductible. It does not matter whether you provided support as an individual or as a representative of the company.

Help regularly

Thanks to this, the bank, on your behalf, will make a transfer with a donation for the amount selected by you. This will allow us to plan our activities and, for example, to provide constant care to a child in need.

Go to your bank’s website and set up a permanent transfer order to the following data:

ADRA Polska Foundation
ul. Kamieniecka 15
50-511 Wroclaw

Bank account number:
Currency PLN: 49 1240 1994 1111 0010 3092 3882
Currency USD: 22 1240 1994 1787 0010 3154 6385
Currency EUR: 58 1240 1994 1978 0010 3154 6372
Currency GBP: 64 1240 1994 1789 0010 3154 6402
Currency CHF: 42 1240 1994 1797 0010 3154 6398

For foreign transfers, remember to add the IBAN: PL code before the account number, and then:

bank code: PKOPPLPWXXX
bank branch: PKOPPLPWXXX
bank address: Pekao S.A., I Branch in Wrocław, Plac Powstańców Śląskich 9, 53-329 Wrocław
the bank’s SWIFT code: PKOPPLPW.

Make a donation and feel the joy of helping others!

I want to help, so I help

Since you found our website, you are probably wondering how you can help. Our foundation is also no stranger to the fate of other people. We realize that it is impossible to heal the whole world, but believe us – we can do a lot together.

It is thanks to you that our foundation reaches out with support to people in need all over the world. Your “I want to help” can change the fate of children in Africa and other continents. Just today you can join the group of our donors who, just like you, asked themselves the question – how can I help other people?

There is much to be done. Children from distant Kenya dream of graduating from school and having a warm meal. Tanzanian albino children want to grow up in a place where they feel safe and sheltered. On the other hand, the youngest in Armenia need a moment of joy. Nationality, country or continent do not matter to us. We want to reach wherever people are unable to help themselves without the support of another human being. We can do it with you!

Together, we can do a lot

How can you help us change the world?

Decide for yourself the amount you are able to give us. Each, even the smallest payment can change the world and the fate of another person. Know that the amount of PLN 250 is enough to guarantee the monthly maintenance and education of a child in Kenya.

1,5  percent of tax is a lot! Thanks to thousands of people supporting our foundation, we can really help people in need.

Writing a will gives you confidence that your property will be distributed according to your will. Przemyśl, for example, a symbolic entry for the ADRA Polska foundation.

Help is not only about money. If you have time and would like to support the foundation in its activities – join us. Every additional pair of hands and a head full of ideas are welcome with us.

We are looking for partners and we are open to any form of cooperation. Support for our foundation is both the possibility of tax deduction, creating a positive image, but above all helping people in need.

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