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Trips with volunteering

Volunteer tours are a great choice for people who want to make sense of their travels. Get to know the offer of our trips and combine business with pleasure.

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Volunteer tours for everyone

Our offer of trips combined with volunteering is an offer addressed to all people who want to help those in need and expect something more from their trips. Trips organized by us will allow you to get to know distant corners of the world, but from a different perspective. You will have the opportunity to see the visited country through the eyes of its inhabitants. You will see what their life is like, what conditions they live in, you will taste real local cuisine, you will see places where you would not go with a travel agency. Volunteering will also be woven into the trip program, which will give additional meaning to the trip. Who knows, maybe you will come back from your trip with friendships for years and someday you will come back to people you meet.

Can I do it while volunteering?

Yes of course! Our project coordinator will plan all tasks together with you. We want you to be able to give what you feel best in. Each of us has many talents and predispositions. We will allow you to best match them to the needs of volunteering.

You also don’t have to worry about knowing the language. In each group there is always a person who is fluent in the language. Come with us and see for yourself. During our trips there is a very family and friendly atmosphere, thanks to which you will feel at ease.

Holidays with volunteering

Volunteering holidays will give a completely different meaning to your travels. Our trips are primarily about authenticity. We work with foundations from the countries we visit, which makes our trips unforgettable. A trip with the ADRA Foundation is a guarantee of authentic experiences. Volunteering holidays will make you feel like a native of a given country.

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Stay close to the local community, help and get to know the country you are going to

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