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grupa-wsparcia-banner-p4n7a0w5i766n2q231b93u9mdel5mgosczvgo8hhnk is a completely free and anonymous portal for people looking for help and mutual understanding. A safe space where you and others can fight depression, addiction and other life crises.

How did it all start? The history of the platform was established in 2018 and has been actively supporting almost 10,000 users since then. In 2019, the portal won the first place in the competition for the best startup of the year organized by Total Polska. Most of the media in the country wrote about the portal, such as: Onet, Bussiness Insider, Brief, Wirtualna Polska, Mam Biznes, SpidersWeb, Newseria BiznesInnPoland.

The following year, as part of the funding from the International Solidarity Fund, we created an online platform in Russian to support emigrants from Belarus. It was then that we started working on a mobile application in Russian and Polish, which is available in both language versions. Thanks to the help of the FSM, we have also created a list of support places for immigrants from Belarus, which is available in the application.

In 2020, we implemented a project co-financed by the Śląskie Voivodeship. We have created a specially dedicated online support group for residents of the province. Silesian, which was used by over 420 people. Additionally, we launched the first search engine for local groups and support centers in Poland.

We are open to various forms of cooperation and encourage you to contact us.

What is is nothing more than the transfer of meetings organized in reality to an innovative online platform ensuring anonymity. By talking here, you can open up, realize the importance of your problems. This is a milestone in the fight against all adversities. offers various thematic rooms for the exchange of thoughts and experiences, supporting self-development and improving mental condition. Active participation in the group is not only help in solving everyday problems, but also working on yourself and personal development. This could be the first step towards your new life.

Full anonymity

A sense of anonymity is very important in activities aimed at supporting mental health. Why? Because it promotes openness and focus on relationships with other users.

For this reason, the only mandatory data required during registration, as well as for the entire period of using the portal, is an e-mail address and a username (nickname).

Events and special actions

The development of the platform constantly inspires us to reach for various forms of activation of our regular users and people interested in the subject of personal development, mental health, harm reduction and related issues.

We invite you to follow our events and actively participate in:

  • webinars
  • online meetings with specialists (therapists, psychologists)
  • special actions

Webinar Różne Oblicza Szczęścia

Mobile application

From March 1, 2021, the portal can also be used via the mobile application available on Android and IOS systems.

How does the application work in the mobile version?

  1. The application is available for free download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You can find it easily by typing “” or “support group”. If you want to use it, you need to install it on your phone.
  2. Once done, you can log in to your account or create a new one. The registration itself takes a few seconds. After completing this step, you can take full advantage of all the functions that the website offers.
  3. If you struggle, for example, with depressive states, sign up for a thematic group dedicated to this problem. You can choose from 70 different anonymous groups supervised by a trained moderator and other group users. Remember that you are never alone!
  4. The community tab allows you to “Add a story” (e.g. describe your own and unique story or show off your success) that you can share with other users, as well as “Record your fall” (share your own failure or obstacles that have arisen in the course of achieving the goal ). Both entries can be visible to others or act as your private journal.
  5. The messages section allows you to: search for a specific user online, join a conversation with other users and chat in a group of your choice. It is worth checking the next application updates – we listen to the comments of users and prepare new amenities.
  6. If for some reason you have a problem using the application, you can use the tutorial available on the desktop version at We encourage you to use this tool before installing the mobile application.
  7. And one more thing! Do not be afraid to take advantage of the support: there is a friendly atmosphere in the various thematic groups. You can count on mutual help, support, listening by other users, consultation with a psychologist and administrator’s help in technical matters.

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