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Let's give everyone equal chances

The world needs help

Imagine there are many places where you need to spend your day’s earnings in order to buy a loaf of bread being a qualified school teacher. Imagine there are still many countries where people eat no more than one simple meal a day. Imagine living with your whole family without a bathroom and without a toilet in a one-room apartment. Imagine having to spend several hours walking for water and getting food every day. Imagine that you cannot afford to buy textbooks and school supplies for your children. Imagine losing both parents as a child in these conditions. What is the future for you?

For us, it may only be imaginations, but for many people it is unfortunately an unfortunate reality. There are things in life that are beyond our control. It is not up to us where we are born and what diseases we are affected by. Just as we have no influence on whether in one day, as a result of a cataclysm, our possessions will not be taken from us. Many things are beyond our control, but we can fight many things. Instead of wondering “why is the world not fair?”, Let’s answer the question “what can we do ourselves to make the world a better?”.

Imagine that:

Let's build a better world together

International aid as a chance for a better world

International aid is of particular importance nowadays. The humanitarian crisis in the world has reached an unprecedented scale. We can see a clear division into rich and simply poor countries. The process of globalization is progressing faster and faster and the difference is becoming more and more apparent. Unfortunately, while the highly developed countries are becoming richer, the poorer countries are unable to keep pace with them. It is mainly people who are in already difficult life situations that suffer from it. The ADRA Polska Foundation tries to reach people and places where support is particularly needed. Helping the weaker is not only our moral duty, but most of all a chance for a safer, sustainable world. Do not be indifferent to the fate of those who were not as lucky as you were born into a poor family in a poor country.

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