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Help for children

Whom do we support?

 We support children in need from Kenya, Tanzania and Bangladesh. In each of these countries, the situation of children is slightly different, but they have one thing in common – they require urgent and special help. Orphaned children From Kenya face hunger and a lack of drinking water, albino children from Tanzania need shelter because their lives are in danger, and the youngest inhabitants of Bangladesh are forced to work from an early childhood due to extreme poverty.

Help for children in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in the world and one of the poorest countries in Asia. Over 25 million people live in extreme poverty, living in overcrowded slum neighbourhoods. It is estimated that due to such dire living conditions, more than 5 million children aged 5 to 15 in this country are forced to work, often in very dangerous conditions. The youngest inhabitants of this country are forced to collect rubbish, beg, steal or work at stalls. In such an environment, abuse, drug addiction and violence become part of their lives. As part of its long-distance adoption program, the ADRA Poland Foundation is supporting poor students at an elementary school in Tongi, located 20 kilometers from Bangladesh’s multi-million dollar capital, Dhaka.

The school, operated by a branch of ADRA, provides quality education to children living in slums and basic school supplies. Children in the poorest areas of Tonga have no prospects for a better life. Only education can improve their lot in the future.

Without the help of good-hearted people, these children will be forced to live in slums for the rest of their lives.

Help for children with albinism in Tanzania

Albinism affects an average of 1 in 5,000. people in the world. However, there are countries where the frequency of this genetic defect is much higher. In addition, these are countries where, due to superstitious beliefs and superstitions, the life and health of albinos is constantly threatened. These countries include Tanzania is one such country, where 1 in 1,429 babies born is affected by this genetic defect. In total, Tanzania has a population of about 150,000. albinos.

Unfortunately, albinos live in Tanzania in an eternal fear of death or mutilation. They are persecuted at every turn due to the superstitious beliefs of the country’s inhabitants, who believe that the body parts of albinos possess magical properties. They are preserved by shamans and healers who use various parts of the albino body, eyes, hair, cancer, legs and skin for their potions of talismans to bring good fortune or wealth. Consequently, albinos become victims of abductions, harrowing attacks and mutilations, and brutal murders. Albinos live in Tanzania in constant fear of death or mutilation. They are persecuted at every turn. Among the victims are many completely defenseless children who are easy prey for perpetrators. Albino children in Tanzania are often kidnapped from their parents or from school.

ADRA Polska, in cooperation with ADRA Tanzania, has been supporting albino children for several years as part of the distance adoption project. It involves the provision of a safe shelter with nutrition and education for children suffering from albinism. Very often their parents cannot afford to pay for education and boarding, so in order to help them protect their children.

Children in the long-distance adoption program have a chance to finish school and feel safe, staying in boarding schools during their education.

Help for children in kenya

As you may be aware, Kenya’s living standards are much lower than in our country. The question is, are you aware how much they are different from the world around you? Imagine the ubiquitous poverty, lack of basic livelihoods, constant struggle for a meal. Such everyday life is unfortunately a reality for most people living in this country. The huge problem is the lack of any government assistance. The poorest cannot count on any support, what’s more – there is nothing for free, not even education. In addition, the country is consumed by epidemics such as HIV and AIDS. 

The ADRA Polska Foundation directed its development action to the poorest region of the country – Western Kenya. It is here that 18% of children are orphans, and another 15% live under the care of only one parent. We are trying to change the fate of these children by creating decent living conditions for them. For the amount of PLN 250 per month, you can provide food, clothes, accommodation and the possibility of further education for one specific child.

Through the Adoption at a Distance project in Kenya, we are trying to change the fate of children by creating decent living conditions for them. The main goal of the project is to help children by creating the right conditions for them to continue their education. Children in the assistance program have their rent paid, as well as accommodation in secondary schools (most of which are boarding schools).

Thanks to our donors, we are able to support children in Kenya. Remember, every gift you make matters.


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