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Trip to Tanzania

A trip to Tanzania is a great opportunity to get to know the wild flora and fauna. Experience an unforgettable adventure and make your contribution to helping those in need!

Become a volunteer in Tanzania

Join the volunteers who come to Tanzania every year.

Feel what it is like when someone else’s life has changed for the better because YOU have been there.

Work with others who know that to change the world you must start with changing your individual life.

Why Tanzania?

Tanzania is one of the most fascinating countries in Black Africa.

These are beautiful landscapes – the red African soil contrasts beautifully with the green trees and yellow grasses. Acacia trees, huge baobabs or slender coconut palms leave no doubt as to what continent you are on. In addition to the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania offers excellent national parks, headed by the huge Serengeti, where you can admire the so-called “Big Five” – ​​lion, elephant, black rhino, leopard and buffalo. The Great African Rifts run through the country. The island of Zanzibar is known for its spices, fabulous beaches and the azure blue sea, where divers spend weeks or months.

Tanzania is also friendly and helpful people, colorfully dressed women wearing everything on their heads and laughing, though poor children. It’s a completely different world than the one we know.

It is said that if someone goes there once, they will come back in love with this place.

Do not wait, go and you!

Our partner - ADRA Tanzania

ADRA Tanzania is part of the international ADRA organization. It is a humanitarian, non-profit and non-political organization.
Its main purpose is to serve humanity in the areas of education, health, improvement of living conditions and crisis management.

ADRA Tanzania offers affordable volunteer programs in Tanzania that aim to improve the living conditions of local communities. Worsening poverty is a huge problem in this country.

By leaving as a volunteer you have a unique opportunity to share your love, passion and help with people who really need it!

The organization offers several volunteer opportunities, so you will surely find something for yourself.

You can teach English to children from poor families, work in an orphanage, take part in the Albinos project or in other projects that are currently carried out by ADRA Tanzania.

Wolontariat w Tanzanii

Volunteering in Tanzania

Volunteering takes place mainly in Arusha, Morogoro, Kilimanjaro and Kigoma in the northwest of Tanzania.

All projects have a minimum stay of 2 weeks and a maximum of 24 weeks. Volunteers usually work 30-40 hours a week. On weekends, they can spend their free time relaxing, admiring the beauty of African nature, or help with organizing trips for children and looking after the children during these trips.

Individuals and groups are welcome. The number of people in the group is 5-15 people.

The safety of volunteers is always a priority. Each place where volunteering takes place is carefully checked.

Apart from the health project, there are no skills or education requirements, and there are several options available, so everyone will find something to be comfortable with.

Here are some basic volunteering suggestions.

Join us in the way you choose – find a project for yourself among the many life-changing projects!

Working at an orphanage

By choosing this type of volunteering, you have the opportunity to teach your children English, math or other subjects that you feel comfortable in that you can share your knowledge with others.

You can help with the daily work in the orphanage and help the children clean, wash, teach personal hygiene, do their homework, and bring them away and from school.

You will have the opportunity to learn about working in an orphanage “from the back room” – you will help in work in the kitchen, in administration and in collecting funds for the maintenance of the orphanage.

Praca w domu dziecka Wolontariat Tanzania
Nauczanie języka angielskiego w Tanzanii Wolontariat Wycieczki

Teaching English in Tanzania

If you know English well, you can share your knowledge with children aged 5-10 in primary school or 11-16 in high school. You can teach alone, but if you don’t feel confident enough, you can help local teachers at first. You will start self-study when you get to know the curriculum and gain self-confidence. If you know interesting and effective methods of learning foreign languages, this is the place for you. The teachers there are very open-minded and will be happy to take advantage of your advice and ideas.

You can have debates and discussions – it’s a good way to engage your children, teach them to communicate and make learning fun.

Health project

This is a project for volunteers who have appropriate education confirmed by relevant documents. This is a project for doctors, nurses and paramedics.

As part of this project, you can work as an assistant in a doctor’s office or clinic. You can help with physical therapy, treat minor injuries, assist midwives with visits, and help care for sick children. You can also help with keeping patient medical records.

Dziecko Projekt Zdrowotny

Remember that ADRA Tanzania also implements many other different projects, you can take part in them if they are taking place during your stay there.

It is also possible to combine different projects during one stay.

Tanzania - what are the costs of the trip?

ADRA Tanzania tries very hard to keep costs to the minimum necessary.

The fees include 2 parts:

– 80% is for accommodation and 3 local dishes a day

– 20% is a donation to the local beneficiaries of the project

Examples of fees are:

– for 1 person for a period of 2 weeks: trip costs $ 800, donation $ 200

– for a group of 5 people for a period of 2 weeks: the cost of the trip is $ 672 per person, a donation of $ 168

Fees vary depending on the length of stay, destination and number of volunteers.
5 people is the minimum number of people in a group, the more people, the lower the fees.

The fees do not include the costs of a flight, visa, vaccinations, travel insurance.

The above-mentioned approximate costs do not include an administrative fee of PLN 100 + VAT

Wycieczki po Tanzanii

Tanzania - Optional excursions offer during the trip

There is also the possibility of taking advantage of optional trips.
Their prices vary depending on the place, length and number of people. People who want to take part in selected optional trips should bring additional funds for this purpose.


Safari is a dream come true for many travelers. A dose of adrenaline, a hint of risk, wild animals in the wild – in their natural environment, and breathtaking African views.

The most beautiful parks to visit are Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire. Serengeti is undoubtedly the most famous park in Tanzania, located in the northwest of the country. These are the perfect places for a safari. The park is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is situated on a flat plain with a savannah. Migrating to the park, among others, zebras, antelopes and gazelles, you can also admire giraffes, rhinoceros, elephants and lions.

Ngorongoro is another beautiful park entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its name comes from the volcanic caldera found in this area. There you can find such animals as rhinoceros, buffalos, hippos, crocodiles and Tanzanian cheetahs. Thousands of flamingos live around Lake Magadi. Maasai lions also live within the crater.

Tarangire is located in northern Tanzania. And here you can meet a lot of wild animals such as panther, lion, gazelle, African buffalo, zebra and impala. Tarangire is also famous for its large elephant population.

Prices – $ 180-190 per person per day depending on the length of the trip, number of people etc.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro – the highest peak in Africa (5895 m above sea level). At his feet he hunted and wrote Hemingway. This is an unusual mountain. It rises straight out of the green plains, suddenly, unannounced. It is a volcano and one of the tallest lonely mountains in the world. It has three vertices, the main one is Kibo and the two side vertices: Mawenzi and Shira. The slopes of its massif are covered with savannah, the upper floors are evergreen forests in which buffaloes, elephants, leopards and mountain meadows live. The Kibo and Mawenzi peaks shine with incredible white.

You don’t need to be a climber to put your foot on the summit of Kilimanjaro. The entrance does not require the use of crampons or ice axes, which, on the other hand, does not mean that it is easy. You have to be in good shape. The walking time is five to eight days. It depends on the well-being of the participants of the expedition and on the route variant. Expeditions to Kilimanjaro are organized by travel agencies. A guide, porters, cook, accommodation in tents are provided.

There are different routes to choose from: Lemosho route, Rongeai route, Machame route.

Prices – $ 1700-2000 per person depending on the length of the trip, number of people, etc.

Mount Meru

Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania and Africa, it is 1500m lower than the highest peak – Kilimanjaro. It is also the highest active volcano in Africa. The last eruption took place in 1910. There are traces of older eruptions in the form of smaller craters around the main volcano. It is adjacent to Arusha, the main starting point for safari to northern national parks. Sometimes it pops up its head from behind the clouds.

Meru is located in the middle of the Tanzanian Arusha National Park, the fertile volcanic ash surrounding the volcano has influenced the development of the local savannah and forests, which are home to around 400 species of different birds, as well as monkeys and predatory cats.

The ascent to Meru also has the advantage that you can organize it yourself. He wanders through the Arusha National Park – trekking is therefore also an opportunity to observe wild animals.

Prices – 3-4 day trips, 700-800 $ per person depending on the length of the trip, number of people, etc.


The pretty colonial town – overlooking the dormant Meru volcano, located near the Arusha National Park with an area of 52 km², with the Ngordoto and Serengeti Ngogo craters (Little Serengeti) and the picturesque Lake Momela – is the first step on a great adventure for tourists.

From here, trips to Kilimanjaro set off, and here travel agencies and agencies organize safaris to the greatest wildlife in Africa.

It is a meeting place for travelers, full of life and nightlife.

Take advantage of our offer and go on a trip to Tanzania combined with Volunteering


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