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Albinos in Africa need our help

When you have to live in fear - the life of the albinos

They are victims of shocking assaults and killings, all because of their fair skin. Across sub-Saharan Africa, discrimination against albinos is a serious social problem. Some residents consider their bodies a source of magical talismans. The hair woven into the net is to bring abundant catches, the severed feet – to provide wealth, and the chafed skin – to help in the search for gold in the mines. You can help us fight these superstitions. Support our efforts and help bring help in a country where as many as 1 in 1429 babies born are affected by this genetic defect.

Why are we helping albinos children from Tanzania?

Albinism affects an average of 1 in 5,000. people in the world. However, there are countries where the frequency of this genetic defect is much higher. In addition, these are countries where, due to superstitious beliefs and superstitions, the life and health of albinos is constantly threatened. These countries include Tanzania, where 1 in 1429 babies born is affected by this genetic defect. In total, Tanzania has a population of about 150,000. albinos.

Unfortunately, albinos live in Tanzania in an eternal fear of death or mutilation. They are persecuted at every turn. This is due to the superstitious beliefs of the inhabitants of this country that the body parts of albinos have magical properties. They are preserved by shamans and healers who use various parts of the albino body, eyes, hair, cancer, legs and skin for their potions of talismans to bring good fortune or wealth. As a result, albinos are victims of abductions, harrowing attacks and mutilations, and brutal murders.

Among the victims there are many completely defenseless children who are easy prey for the torturers. Albino children in Tanzania are often kidnapped at the hands of their parents or from school. From an early age they live in fear of being abducted, hurt and lost. Their lives are filled with fear and suffering.

How do we help?

ADRA Polska, in cooperation with ADRA Tanzania, has been supporting albino children for several years as part of the distance adoption project. It involves the provision of a safe shelter with nutrition and education for children suffering from albinism. Very often their parents cannot afford to pay for education and boarding, so in order to help them protect their children suffering from albinism, we have engaged in the search for Donors who will take care of our children from Tanzania.
Dar es Salaam is a region in Tanzania that is home to a large number of albinos. They feel safer living together among people affected by this genetic defect. Our project is also carried out there. It aims to provide a safe shelter in a boarding school for children suffering from albinism, along with food, education and medical care. Our foundation also donates much needed preparations to protect the skin and glasses that protect the extremely delicate eyes of these children.

How can you help?

To ensure the safety of albinos children from Tanzania and medical care, we need financial resources. The monthly cost of maintaining one child is PLN 400. By adopting one child from among our pupils at a distance, you provide him with food and shelter necessary for survival and education. Thanks to your regular payments, your student has a chance to finish school and feel safe during his / her education while staying in a boarding school. All you have to do is set up a permanent monthly transfer of PLN 400 for one year to pay the annual school fees as well as meals and care for one child. You can also continue donating for years to come, thereby paying for the entire education of the child you look after. By adopting one of our pupils remotely, you will receive a photo, name and surname as well as a child’s life story, which will be supported by you. You can find more useful tips in our “Distance Adoption Guide”, which you can download here.

Get to know the stories of our pupils

Tanzanian children with albinism share a dream – to stop being afraid. It is you who can help them fulfill them! By adopting one of our pupils, you provide him with much needed shelter and care. You can make a difference in the life of one child!

Mage Yona Mbwambo

Age: 12 years

“One day six men came to my village at midnight with clubs, iron bars and knives in their hands. They were looking for an albino baby who was three months old. They found them, abducted them, and disappeared. To this day, no one knows where the child is and whether he is still alive, ”says Mage.

After this incident, Mage’s parents began looking for a boarding school where she would be safe. Attending the day school for albino children was no longer safe as many of the albino children were lost and found dead in the forest. Parts of their bodies were missing, including nails and hair.

Mage only feels safe in Mwerenia – the boarding school he attends. Unfortunately, her parents cannot afford to provide safe shelter and education for all of their children. The girl has four siblings. In addition, two of them are affected by albinism. In order for Mage to continue to feel safe and stay in school, she needs financial support.

Shaban Ramadhani Juma Mkwizu

Age: 11 years

Shaban is currently in the third grade of Mwereni Primary School. He is a charming boy who is always cheerful and believes anything is possible. He is a modest, inquisitive and obedient boy.

The boy lives with his grandmother, he is brought up without a father. His mother is in another city, many kilometers from home. She was forced to leave and leave Shaban in the care of her mother because of the poverty that had hit them. So she left to look for work and be able to support her family.

Shaban is afraid that one day his mother will stop supporting them and disappear forever. He dreads the thought that there will be no one to look after his education and needs until he is able to support himself. There will be no one to protect him.

Neema Boniface Jeremiah

Age: 11 years

Neema is the youngest of five children and the only one in her family who lives with albinism.
The girl admits that she feels fear almost every day. She is afraid that she will get skin cancer, that she will be attacked and that she will disappear. He believes that the school in Mwereni is safer as it is a boarding school which gives students extra safety.
The girl often talks and thinks about the fact that albinos are being killed for rituals. Neema remembers a friend who went missing two years ago. He, too, was affected by albinism. Since his disappearance, her fear has only increased.

Neema’s father works hard. He helps in various construction works to earn money to support the family. Sometimes, however, Neema has to delay her return to school because of her fees and has to wait for her father to get the money. Only the help of people of good heart can make Neema be able to permanently return to the only place where she feels safe.

Support the albino children of Tanzania with a donation

Would you like to help albinos children living in constant fear in Tanzania, but currently you cannot afford remote adoption and monthly payments? We get it. However, you can still help!

We encourage you to make a one-time donation. All you have to do is click the button below, choose the goal of helping children in Tanzania and you will be able to donate any amount that will be allocated to this goal. Every zloty counts!

Do you have any questions? Write to us!

If you would like to know more about distance adoption, write to us at: We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you make a decision. Don’t hesitate, write now!

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